New Creatives – Where Can I Find The Content?

New Creatives


Screen South are proud to annouce the first round of New Creatives which have been selected for broadcast and online via the BBC. See below for information on the scheme and to find out where you can watch and listen to all the content created for New Creatives across the Country.

As more of our Films, Audio and Interactive pieces are picked up, we will add to this page, so keep an eye out for the latest information.

Where can I watch and listen to the New Creatives pieces created under the Screen South Network Centre?

BBC Sounds

"The Day the Internet Stood Still"
Max Barrett

With the internet gone for just 1 day, a journalist explores the various perspectives of the generation most effected by its disappearance, and how their lives changed for better and for worse.

"Hidden Sounds of Essex's Coastal Arcades"
Frazer Merrick

Through a series of binaural recordings, interviews and musical composition, sound artist Frazer Merrick explores the infectious energy of Walton Pier in north Essex

"A Messy Mentality"
Anthony Mower

A Messy Mentality is a series of poems about the difficult times in lives written by Anthony Mower from 16-18 years old.

"Paradise Island"
Scarlett Smyth

Kick-off your shoes and feel the beaming warmth from memories comfort your back, as you are guided on an island of the mind.

BBC iPlayer

"Selfie Stick"
Katie Bonham

Amber takes a selfie, but finds living with her ‘perfect’ pout not to be her #bestlife. Selfie Stick is a colourful, comical and surreal look at the modern age defined by social media, beauty and the selfie.

"What a Circus"
Anita Pico

Are we living a modern lie? In this extravagant satire, a mysterious carnival master walks us through the problems of our modern society, questioning the dangerous future we are building around us.

"Where Are You From?"
Sophie Gresswell

A personal look at questions of identity, at a time where migration, political isolation and reclaiming history are hot topics. Is it important to look to your own past in order to better respond to wider issues present today?

"Through a Screen Darkly"
Zac Spearman

The thin line between reality and imagination merges for Andrea, a young moderator at a social media company, as she reaches a psychological breaking point at work.

"Black Fish"
Simi Abe

A grieving mother finds photographs of the life her son would have had, if he hadn't passed away.

"Terra Firma"
Rehmat Rayatt

A spoken word film about a young woman's journey to discover her identity through the migration of her mother.

"Our Largest"
Marcus Forde

A young father and son discuss nothing and anything on a clumsy gathering mission. They carry an organ. They race. They carry an arch. They race. A ceremony begins.

Discover more about the South East New Creatives by clicking the button below.

Where can I watch and listen to all the New Creatives pieces created across the country?

New Creatives Online

Innovative new short films, audio and interactive works from young artists

BBC Introducing Arts

The BBC have launched BBC Arts where you will be able to view all content from the New Creatives scheme over the next 2 years.
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