BFI Film Academy 1: 2012-2013 

The first BFI Film Academy ran from 2012 until 2013. Eighteen young participants produced two short films, which can be viewed below.

Mirror Image

Written by: Ryan Bloom, Tasha-Ann Prior, Stephen Szemelak & Ed Smyth • Director: Stephen Szemelak • Producer: Edward Smyth • Director of Photography: Joanna Traill • Camera Assistant: Sam Parish • Editor: Claudia Hebblewhite • Sound Design and Sound Recordist: Lewis Smith • Designer: Louise Darvill • Script Supervisor: Emmie Pavey • Production Manager/1st AD: Ryan Bloom

Deja Vu

Writer: Lawrence Sedgwick • Director: Millie Kemp • Producer: Henry Tonkin • Director of Photography: Louis Presland • Camera Assistant: Peter Burke • Editor: Mdhamiri a Nkemi • Sound Recordist: Tasha-Ann Prior • Designer: Lawrence Sedgwick • Script Supervisor: Daniel Mannouch • 1st AD: Simon King

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