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You can be challenging and bold in your approach or single minded and evocative. We are looking for films that surprise us and are thought provoking and engaging. We want to hear new voices and see visual story telling that is exciting and memorable, using diverse art forms such as dance, comedy, poetry, spoken word and video arts in order to create stunning new short films.

Screen South is leading the South East Ignition Random Acts Network Centre. We are working in partnership with the Ignition Network and Fly Film to deliver this exciting opportunity supported by Arts Council England and Channel 4. All films will be considered by C4 for online and broadcast opportunities across their Random Acts strand.

Take a look at the Random Acts website to see examples of previously commissioned films.

The Ignition Random Acts Network Centre will be providing training, development and production support for selected projects. The short films can be up to 3 minutes with a budget of up to £4,000.

The Random Acts brief is for ‘bold, innovative expressions of creativity’ across a range of art-forms. The Ignition Network Random Acts Centre is looking for young people who have strong creative ideas, dedication to their craft and the drive to create and deliver their film production.

There are two strands:

SPARK Led by artists and filmmakers who show real talent and have great ideas. You can work with Ignition Network production partners who can provide guidance and support to you to deliver broadcast standard short films or you can nominate your own production partner. You may have a great idea that is ready to go now with a clear potential to deliver a great film. We can also support artist filmmakers who would like to embed you idea in an activity or company or need a longer development time for creative, technical or access reasons. Look at the how to apply below for full details. We have a provisional schedule to commission and deliver 8 films for this strand for delivery, however we are very happy to discuss workflow and schedules and defer delivery until later if appropriate.

FUSE Led by companies and organisations who are planning to run creative workshop programmes for talented young people which has an opportunity to embed a broadcast level film strand alongside it. We are very open to working with a wide range of art forms and are not prescriptive regarding the workshop structure workshop structure.

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FUSE 2017

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Ignition Network Centre

The Random Acts Network Centres are major Arts Council England & Channel 4 project which is delivering across England. The RA Network Centres support young people between the ages of 16-24 to make short films, which have the opportunity to be broadcast on Channel 4.

Screen South is leading the South East Random Acts Network Centre and working in partnership with the new Ignition Network to deliver this exciting opportunity for Arts Council England and Channel 4; supporting training, development, creativity and production for the Short Film series Random Acts

The South East Ignition Random Acts Network Centre is one of 5 Regional Random Acts Centre across England. We are working across 13 counties; this is made possible through the creation of the Ignition Network and its founding partners who are based across the South East region.

Each commissioned Ignition Random Acts Short Film will have a budget up to £4,000, which includes £3,000 cash production budget and £1,000 towards Online Post with Molinare to cover all aspects of the short film costs including insurance and Online DPP delivery to Channel 4.

The project will be looking for a wide range of young creative talent with strong ideas drawn from diverse art forms: from dance to visual arts, animation to poetry and visual effects to video arts to create stunning new short films. The finished films can be between 90 seconds to 3 minutes long and will need to be of a high quality. Take a look at the Random Acts website to see examples of previously commissioned films.

This ground-breaking new partnership, of regional Digital Film, Arts and Education partners will work together to maximise opportunities that the Ignition Random Acts Network Centre brings to the region. Managed by Screen South and Executive Produced by Fly Film, the Ignition Random Acts Network Centre will provide an opportunity for the Ignition Network to work locally on innovative films with new talent across the region. The Ignition Network will deliver inspirational workshops and training, provide advice, guidance, access to equipment and technical advice as well as linking young artists with film-makers, producers, artists, and mentors from across the South East region – from Norfolk to Chichester.

Ignition Random Acts Film Production

Random ActsRandom Acts

The film production strands will provide opportunities for young artist film-makers to work on their own projects and also to work with cultural, digital film and education partners to deliver film projects with their support. There will be two calls a year for applications.

Applications must be made in partnership with a company or an organisation who can take responsibility for the budget. This budget must be managed by a company or organisation that has experience of managing production spend with accurate accounting and reporting procedures. Please contact Screen South or one of the Ignition Network digital partners if you need assistance and advice in this area.

The production process will be very demanding. Film-makers will be supported throughout, but they will need to be prepared to commit time and energy to producing excellent work. Once films are commissioned there will be an agreed production schedule which may mean working to tight delivery deadlines. If your idea requires more time we can discuss a more flexible schedule over the year, Please let us know this in your application.

Random Acts
Random Acts


Please contact the Ignition Network for any further details or to have a conversation about partnership opportunities.

Email: IgnitionNetwork@screensouth.org

Phone: 01303 259777

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